Well Monday is here again. I knew it was going to happen but I was dreading it anyway. Here’s a quick recap of the weekend: I went out and got a 15 mile run in with my Team in Training buddies in Kemah. It’s always great running with them. The run started at 5am with […]


So, I didn’t setup the rower on 10/5 as I said before. Instead, I cooked some delicious cheeseburgers for my son and I. We pigged out on those and then I went to bed feeling fat and a little disappointed that I didn’t follow through. Also, I didn’t run on that day. For yesterday, I […]


Went for a trail run last night with some friends. Got in about 8.25 miles. I hadn’t gotten any training runs over the last couple of months, just getting in miles at big events. It felt good last night but I was gassed by the final 2 miles. Woke up thos morning with achy knees […]

100 mile training starts today

My first week of training on a plan that assumes I have a solid mileage base. I don’t. Not anymore. This summer sucked with the death of my brother and my job totally turning to shit. Can I cuss here? Fuck it. Anyway, I had been doing CrossFit, trail running, and rucking but that all […]