irrationally angry

I’ve been meditating. Usually once a day (3-12 minutes) but when I’m feeling a little saucy, I’ll toss in a night time meditation. I thought I’d be on my way to enlightenment but today was a healthy dose of “nope.”

I went into the kitchen to get coffee but noticed the empty roll of paper on the paper holder. I got annoyed but changed it. I wasn’t even needing a paper towel.

This mofo here…

Then I get my coffee and the pot is drained. So I fill up on the second pot and then make a new pot…

This mofo here…

Rationally angry because these people are allegedly adults. Irrationally angry because I know that happens regularly enough and that I shouldn’t be surprised or angry. It added maybe 25 seconds to my coffee routine

Not anywhere near enlightenment.


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