I’m back

Or I was never here in the first place! I started using myfitnesspal to track my food this week. I’m going to do it for three two weeks and then not worry about it while in Israel. Then when I get back I’ll do it until Philadelphia GOREV. So far I’m limiting myself to 1660 calories a day. It’s kind of annoying but whatevs.

On the plus side, I’m down 3 pounds in 3 days. Calories > whatever lame diet you’re on according so Eat, Train, Progress (which is a Facebook group that has actual science and nutrition info if your looking for something like that – Eat, Train, Progress).

I even bought a food scale…back on August 31, 2016. Finally used it March 23, 2017! PROGRESS.

I do hear that you stop weighing/counting after a while when you get it mostly figured out. I don’t see me doing this long term afterward but it’s good to see numbers just these past few days from the MFP app.

Anyone want to join me in a 49 day (or 7 weeks) myfitnesspal party?

April 23 – June 10. 7 weeks since that’s an odd number. I’m currently doing it for two weeks to see where I’m at but it’s turned into me posting attention to where the calories come from.

I’m selfish ’cause this helps me and not you. But maybe you.

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