ADHD and Sugar

So I want to do all the things and that’s a problem.  I’ve confided in my battle buddy Berto that I am planning to start training for a 100 miler.  I’ve done 100k before but this will be my first crack at a coveted 100 mile buckle.  So we’ll see how that works out for me?  Standby for some sort of plan after I get off watch tomorrow.


I’ve finally started lifting again on the reg, and today was the following:

Front Squats: 4×5 (95 (warm-up), 135, 155, 175)
Strict Overhead Press:  3×5 (65, 75, 85)
Dips: 3×10 (with assistance)

Dips suck.  I’m like a heavy stone sinking to the bottom of the ocean, not meant to be doing bodyweight silliness.

I also bought a fancy (not that fancy) island bike, so I’ve been riding my bike a lot.  And doing jiu-jitsu.  And rucking.  I wanted to start swimming this month.  Do all the things?  Fitness ADHD.  Idiot.



ALSO, I succeeded in my No Sweets or Sugar or Whatever October!  Nary a piece of pie or cake.  So now I’m faced with the dilemma of what to do now: open the delicious pie floodgates (yum) or keep on doing the dumb thing of not eating delicious things…

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