First stage is admittance you have a problem

I couldn’t get this dang thing to work.  Wordpress was confused about what username was what so I’ve been doing all this training for nothing because I couldn’t even write about it.


So now I’ve been stuck out in the wild with an exorbitant amount of months to come with no training schedule, training buddies, goal events or nuffin’.  Training crisis – I can’t do GORUCK so what do I even train for?  (Shit, I have a problem.)  Not to rip off my big headed friend Berto or anything, but the opportunities are vast for running here so I thought maybe I’d start training for that 100 mile buckle.  Or for a triathlon.  Or for Barkley’s Fall Classic (sold out, but I’m on the wait list), or HHH (hahahahaha no), or what the shit?


Someone tell me what to do when I can’t do GORUCK, because I don’t know.  I suspect it involves running.


Anyways I haven’t lifted much since I’ve been away from home, next week I plan to start that up again.  I joined a softball team so I’ve been doing that and running.  Yesterday after softball practice, I did:

Every 4 minutes on the minute, for 24 minutes:

400m Run

12 Burpees


I’ve done this workout a couple of times before, once on the boat (on the treadmill) which was wicked hard because running on the boat sucks, and the first time I did it with burpees over the box (only 10) at the gym (where the 400m has an uphill) and it was murder.  This time it was tough but not the worst, so I’m gonna make it harder next time.

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