Well Monday is here again. I knew it was going to happen but I was dreading it anyway. Here’s a quick recap of the weekend:

I went out and got a 15 mile run in with my Team in Training buddies in Kemah. It’s always great running with them. The run started at 5am with a small break at 5.5 miles. Finished the run, stretched, then had some migas at Classic Cafe in Kemah with the team. It was good times. Before the weekend, I knew I wanted to do better with my food choices and avoid alcohol. Well, that didn’t work out as planned. I sweated some more calories out doing yard work Saturday afternoon, took a nap, then headed to Julia’s. Her dad made some picadillo. It was delicious so I had two big servings with the thought of running 11 miles on Sunday (more on that later). Her dad served up some red wine and we killed the bottle between us. I had another beer afterwards at Julia’s.

Woke up Sunday feeling tired and heavy and talked myself out of my 11 miler. I said I would run the trails near my house later in the evening (more on that later). We ended up going to IHOP for breakfast. That never ends well for someone watching their weight. UGH. Had Chinese food for lunch. UGH. Then Menchies FROYO with all kinds of sweets before I headed back home. UGH. Got home. Did the weed eating from the yard work the day before. By that time, I lost all motivation to run. Ended up rowing 1,000 measly meters on my brand new rower. Ate a beef and cheese burrito and Doritos for dinner. UGH.

Woke up this morning and let my accountability partner knew that this is the beginning of week 1. Went to CF for Cardio Mondays. Had a shake and a banana for breakfast. Ate a Firehouse Sub, chips, and a soda for lunch (not so good since I said I was going to drink a shake for lunch). I’ll drink a shake for dinner. I PROMISE! Cheese and crackers for my mid afternoon snack. I may row 1-2k meters tonight.

Not too terrible of a weekend but I woke up determined to have at least 2 healthy meals a day. Pray that my will power doesn’t fail me tonight at dinner!

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