So, I didn’t setup the rower on 10/5 as I said before. Instead, I cooked some delicious cheeseburgers for my son and I. We pigged out on those and then I went to bed feeling fat and a little disappointed that I didn’t follow through. Also, I didn’t run on that day. For yesterday, I skipped CF since I was pretty sore. I didn’t run either. I DID finally setup my Concept 2 Rower. It’s a thing of beauty. NOTE: Close garage door while the mosquitoes are still active. They tore my legs up but I got in a few minutes of practice rowing.

Went to CF this morning and completed a partner WOD. It was fun. Rowing tonight. For real this time.

My eating hasn’t been where I want it to be this week but I’ve maintained my weight. I have an accountability partner and I’m trying to log my eating in MyFitnessPal. I plan on burning off a lot of the calories during my long runs this weekend (Sat 15 miles, Sun 11 miles).

Weekends are always hardest for me food-wise. I’m going to try VERY hard to make it with as little backsliding as possible. Wish me luck!

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