100 mile training starts today

My first week of training on a plan that assumes I have a solid mileage base. I don’t. Not anymore. This summer sucked with the death of my brother and my job totally turning to shit. Can I cuss here? Fuck it. Anyway, I had been doing CrossFit, trail running, and rucking but that all took a back seat when my brother was killed. I am motivated again after completing a 100k trail race, a 100k staged race in Iceland, and my first HTL over the last couple of months. I really need to fine tune my diet especially since I will be putting in a ton of miles. I will be tempted to just eat everything in site but I shouldn’t. Garbage in. Garbage out. My GRT buddy Brittany is going to be checking on me on my eating and I will be checking on her. #battlebuddies.

So, today I had strength training at CF this morning. It included clean and jerk, clean pulls, clean deadlift, and front squats. Tonight I am scheduled to run 8 miles but I’ll probably run 10+ since I’m running with friends. I don’t plan on going fast.

Ok, enough for now. Peace.

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