Thursday best day

Tonight’s workout is just 5×5 squats, bent over rows, deadlifts, then accessory work and I started finishing off with ab wheel as many sets of 10 as I can do without dying. Apparently me crushing ab wheel 3 years ago doesn’t translate to me crushing ab wheel now.


So me and Pat been getting tired of being fat. Him moreso than me because he’s actually working on his fitness. I’m going to start rucking/running 3x a week, come hell or high water for November. We’ll see how that works out. Also involves push ups and ab wheel on running days.

First stage is admittance you have a problem

I couldn’t get this dang thing to work.  Wordpress was confused about what username was what so I’ve been doing all this training for nothing because I couldn’t even write about it.   So now I’ve been stuck out in the wild with an exorbitant amount of months to come with no training schedule, training buddies, […]

yoga flame part 2

I fell asleep last night at 20:00 and woke up at 02:30 so I decided to stay awake. I did some YOGA again and then hit the gym and squatted. squats – 95, 135, 185, 225 x 5 x 2, 230 x 5 x 3 barbell shrug – 135 x 10 x 3, 155 x 10 […]

yoga flame

I did some yoga tonight using the DVD I bought like five years ago for the first time. Good shit but come on how can I even get anywhere near this damned pose??? I had my knees bent but man I was just sitting up at this point.  Also I can barely clasp my hands […]


Well Monday is here again. I knew it was going to happen but I was dreading it anyway. Here’s a quick recap of the weekend: I went out and got a 15 mile run in with my Team in Training buddies in Kemah. It’s always great running with them. The run started at 5am with […]


Imagine that, got tendinitis in my ankle again. I imagine it’s from me not massaging and stretching my calves after starting to take the stairs down to lunch during the day. I woke up with some annoying tendon pain today. Going to schedule a massage.


So, I didn’t setup the rower on 10/5 as I said before. Instead, I cooked some delicious cheeseburgers for my son and I. We pigged out on those and then I went to bed feeling fat and a little disappointed that I didn’t follow through. Also, I didn’t run on that day. For yesterday, I […]


Went for a trail run last night with some friends. Got in about 8.25 miles. I hadn’t gotten any training runs over the last couple of months, just getting in miles at big events. It felt good last night but I was gassed by the final 2 miles. Woke up thos morning with achy knees […]

100 mile training starts today

My first week of training on a plan that assumes I have a solid mileage base. I don’t. Not anymore. This summer sucked with the death of my brother and my job totally turning to shit. Can I cuss here? Fuck it. Anyway, I had been doing CrossFit, trail running, and rucking but that all […]