So I was supposed to squat this week 250x5x5 but I was weak and didn’t due to bitchassness. I had a wicked caffeine withdrawal headache but that has mostly gone away. I was doing that as a heartburn test. Think I can reintroduce caffeine now to see if I feel the buuuuuuurn.

Last night I went up to the gym and did my normal warm up, went through my squat progression- 5 reps of 45, 95, 135, 185, 225. 225 felt heavy as hell and then I put 245 on there. Did two reps. Not bad, not great. But there’s a bonus of my ass being on fire. I like these heavier squats.

250 I didn’t have it in my head so I figured I’d do 3 reps and see what was up. 3 reps wasn’t bad so I did 250x5x3. Guess that’s kind of a PR. Last year when I blew out my leg it was 275 x 3 (easy) and then 290 (not easy + leg blow out sadness).

Now that it’s September, on to cardio. I can barely run a full mile, let’s see me aim for 100. Last year I tried this and blew out my calves and it took 3 massage sessions to bring me back to form. I’ll have to schedule massages more frequently now.

I’m going to put together a plan (read: steal) from this article on elitefts.com for October.


Here is a sample of a microcycle I have used personally and with clients with great success:


  • Squat/Deadlift 3×8-10 at 70% of 1RM
  • Bench 3×8-10 at 70% of 1RM
  • Weighted Chins 3×8-10/Unweighted 50 Total Reps
  • Side Raises 3×10

Tuesday (Optional Accessory Work)

  • Rope Pushdowns 3×15
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3×15
  • JM Press 3×15
  • Straight Bar Curl 3×15
  • Easy Ride/Row/Elliptical 20-30 mins (Zone 2)


  • Long Slow Trail Walk/Run 60-90 minutes (Zone 2-3)


  • Bench to a heavy set of 1, 3 or 5 reps
  • Bench 2×5-6 at 75-80%
  • Bent Over Rows 3×6-8
  • Behind the Neck Press 3×6-8


  • Squat/Deadlift to a heavy set of 1,3 or 5 reps
  • Front Squat/RDL 4×5-6 @ 85%
  • Back Extensions/Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 12-15
  • Bike Intervals


  • 30 Minute Tempo Road Run (Zone 4)


  • Off

via https://www.elitefts.com/education/chalk-dust-and-trail-runs-cardio-for-powerlifters/

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