fat bee is fat

Thursday morning last week I weighed 181.8 lbs. Went to Cancun for the weekend. Gained 8 pounds. 186.8 this morning. I believe I strained my┬ásartorius muscle in Mexico. Hurts to lift my leg, extend it and turn my knee out. So I went to the gym to do some push pressing and other things but […]


Mostly walking as of late. Man I have the damnedest time trying to maintain heart rate below a certain bpm aside from when walking. Currently trying to max out pushups and ab wheels. I’m on call for work this week so it’s an excuse to be lazy but also an excuse to do PT at […]

Hatch Can’t Kill My Vibe

But breaking my toe can. Ironic that I broke my toe right after joining Bee on this fitness (really though?) blog. Ironic that I broke my toe with the very bricks I used at my first GORUCK event. THE BETRAYAL. Then again, they betrayed me for the entirety of every event by being heavy as […]


So I was supposed to squat this week 250x5x5 but I was weak and didn’t due to bitchassness. I had a wicked caffeine withdrawal headache but that has mostly gone away. I was doing that as a heartburn test. Think I can reintroduce caffeine now to see if I feel the buuuuuuurn. Last night I […]